Tuesday, March 27, 2007

RANCH renderfarm 1 Week Special Offer

From Fred at RANCH Computing

This is the last week of our special introductory price, and for these last days we have decided to do something special : to let you test the renderfarm for free !!

Of course, such an incredible offer is not without limitations. The purpose of this offer is not to let you render production projects :) but to let everyone try the farm and get familiar with the process. It is also a good occasion to evaluate the ease of use and the performance of the farm without spending money. And if you have big projects to render in the future, this first experience with the RANCH will certainly be helpful.

To benefit from this special offer, you must :

  1. have registered on the RANCH website
  2. submit a project with EXACTLY the following characteristics :
    • Render mode : FINAL
    • NO RADIOSITY (other lighting modes including GA / AO / GI are accepted)
    • Lighting Quality Boost <= 0.0
    • for a still image, the resolution must be EXACTLY 2500 x 1875 pixels.
    • for an animation, you must submit a 51 frames sequence (frame 0 to frame 50), in 640 x 480 resolution, with a standard increment of 1 frame.

You will use the entire process and pay the submission fee as you would normally pay. The difference is, if the project you submit uses these exact parameters, 1) you will not be charged for the render time and 2) you will get a refund for the submission fee (a message from PAYPAL will inform you quickly of the refund).

Any project which does not use these exact parameters will be charged normally (at the rate $0.15 per GHz per hour, the normal introductory price).

  • This offer will expire on saturday, March 31st at 23:59:59 (GMT+1).
  • Each registered user can get exactly ONE free test project.

So, now is your chance to see if the RANCH can be useful for your future Vue projects : don't miss it