Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Vue 6 Revealed - Reviewed

Vue 6 Revealed is a straightforward introduction to the most recent version of Vue. Its approach is to provide step-by-step guides to using the tools. There are chapters carefully covering all the features that have been in Vue going back to before the first version I used (Vue 3) including terrains, lighting, materials, atmospheres and solid growth plants. Many new features in Vue 6 are also covered in a clear and concise way including hypertextures, ecosystem painting, metaclouds, spectral atmospheres and ventilators.

It doesn’t cover everything: advanced features such as python scripting and the function editor are barely mentioned if they appear at all. It also focuses heavily on technique avoiding less concrete tasks that wouldn’t fit the step-by-step approach such as composition, lighting design, realistic texture creation etc. You’ll need to pick up other books to learn how to put the art into your pictures – this is very much a guide on how to use the tools not how to create a landscape. However if it were it would be at least twice as thick and far more expensive.

If you’re looking for an introduction to using Vue or an alternative to the manual this is really worth considering.