Friday, September 14, 2007

Skin Vue 6.3

SkinVue6.3 has been released at Cornucopia 3D as a free update for existing users.

  • Added Ray Traced highlights option for eye speculars
  • Improved Eye Shader
  • Added new eye reflection maps
  • Added graphical popup menus for selecting wet maps and eye reflection maps
  • Improved Skin Bump calculation - uses the combined grayscale noise of the color channel or a custom bump map
  • When rendering, the SkinVue pallete screen will hide itself until the render is completed
  • Recalculation of material previews is now optional
  • Added material swapping support for Apollo Maximus character (DAZ Character Plugin)
  • Added Generic Character Material Swapper plugin for custom characters (Generic Character Plugin)
  • Fixed Vue material suffix naming bug when importing with grouped figures option
  • Added new scene files - Portrait Studio, Tropical Shore