Saturday, May 03, 2008

Urbanscape for Vue

Urbanscape is a new series that's coming to Cornucopia3D from Realms Art soon. The new Urbanscape series of products is aimed at the generation of urban and city renders. Here's what Tony has to say about the Urbanscape series...

Vue is already well known for its outstanding capabilies to represent the natural world... buts its capabilities are certainly not limited to just that. Vue ships with a good set of tools that can be used to generate realistic and highly artisitic landscapes; it has significantly less tools for urban landscapes - the Urbanscape series is here to redress this shortcoming.

Urban landscapes are vastly different from natural ones mainly in their requirement for precision and the need to utilise specific, recognisable items. A natural landscape is organic and imprecise - most of the time it doesn't matter how the contours of a hill are presented, what shape a rock is, or exactly how the colours on a material are distributed. This is clearly not true for urban landscapes which have an artificial and precise form - you can't rely on the random shape of an object to represent buildings, power poles, roads and other objects in the same way that you can rely on the random shape of a hillside terrain or rock. The same is true for urban materials which themselves are often regular and highly recognisable, such as bricks, grates, diamond plate steel, etc.

The important thing about Urbanscape is that it is not simply a series of building models - there are already thousands of those available on the net - Urbanscape is specifically about empowering the user to generate renders with the same level of freedom as they would a natural landscape - Urbanscape is made up of a series of Element Packs, Construction Kits, complete Vue Scene Sets, each with their own extensive tutorials, the purpose of which are to suppliment the tools and skills avialable to a Vue user. Each pack in the Urbanscape series comes with extensive documentation detailing not just the use of the items in that pack, but in using Vue's features to its fullest to achieve urban landscapes in general - such things as, how to use Vue Material Layers to generate your own grime layers, how to line up the textures on adjacent Object Mapped items, etc.

Urbanscape will start soon with basic items such as brick textures, wall grime layers (which can be added to any Vue material to transform it into a realistic urban texture); it will process to complete Construction Kits for specific subject areas such as alleys, warehouses, street corners, etc; and in time will present fully realised Vue urban Scene Sets. Stay tuned for further developments.