Thursday, June 19, 2008

50% Off Vue 6 Pro Upgrade and Vue 6 Esprite Modules

Another sale on Vue from e-on software. This time they are offering a 50% discount on the price of all the expansion modules for Vue 6 Esprite and the upgrade from Vue 6 Esprite to Vue 6 Pro. The offer runs until July 7th.

Vue 6 Pro StudioUS/CanadaEuropeUKOthers
Vue 6 Pro Studio - Vue 6 Esprit Sidegrade (Module Licenses)US$100US$100US$100US$100
Vue 6 Pro Studio ModuleUS/CanadaEuropeUKOthers
EcoSystems for Vue 6 Esprit (License) US$50US$50US$50US$50
HyperVue for Vue 6 Esprit (License)US$20US$20US$20US$20
Botanica for Vue 6 Esprit (License)US$20US$20US$20US$20
LightTune for Vue 6 Esprit (License)US$20US$20US$20US$20
DeepAccess for Vue 6 Esprit (License)US$20US$20US$20US$20