Monday, July 21, 2008

Linda's new Lush Garden Bushes

The new Lush Garden Bushes pack isn't simply a rework of the original pack. Instead it has five entirely new plant species including three Japanese Maples (Orange Dream, Trompenburg and Dissectum), a Cornus Alba (Tartarian Dogwood), and a Lingustrum Japonicum (Japanese Privet).

The new solid growth bushes are added to the six solid growth garden bush species included in the original pack. These are a vast improvement over the originals because the all the textures are brand new and ultra high resolution so you can use the plants in close up renders as well as in the foreground or distance.

Generously Linda is giving the new pack away to everyone who bought the older pack. If you bought the original you can get the new pack by downloading it from your Cornucopia 3D account.