Friday, October 17, 2008

Introducing Vue 7 Pioneer and Vue 7 Complete

October 17, 2008. Beaverton, Oregon: e-on software, makers of Vue, the leading solution for natural 3D environments announces two new entries in the Vue product lineup, Vue 7 Complete and Vue 7 Pioneer.

Introducing Vue 7 Complete:

"Our market research showed that, among independent users who were purchasing our professional solutions, many were doing so for a limited number of highly desirable features, such as, for instance, EcoSystem painting and wind effects. However, other production or workflow oriented features – that they were paying for – were of lesser interest to them", said Nicholas Phelps, president of e-on software.

Phelps adds: "This is why we decided to add Vue 7 Complete to the Vue line. This version of Vue, specifically designed for expert 3D artists and small studios, represents a cost-effective alternative to Vue Infinite".

The following features (among many others) are now available out of the box in Vue 7 Complete: wind and breeze effects, ventilators, EcoSystem painting, 3D export, etc.

A detailed feature list and more information will be made available soon.

Vue 7 Pioneer and Vue 7 Bundles:

Vue 7 Pioneer is the new entry-level version of Vue. Vue 7 Pioneer supersedes the former Vue Easel.

Newcomers to 3D and casual artists will find in Vue 7 Pioneer all the landscape-creation tools they need to easily create and render amazing images of their own 3D worlds. Vue 7 Pioneer is the perfect introduction to the world of 3D.

Vue 7 Pioneer can be extended with a number of independent modules that add specific functionality to the base product.

"We decided to extend our modular approach, because it is a nice way of letting users build the 3D product that best fits their requirements and budget, then gradually add features as their level of proficiency increases", said Nicholas Phelps.

By adding modules, users can progressively upgrade all the way from Pioneer up to Complete. Esprit, Pro Studio and Complete represent pre-bundled, cost-effective alternatives to the modular approach of Pioneer.

Vue Product Lineup:

The Vue 7 line of products is distributed in 2 sub-lines:

  • Vue for 3D Artists and Small Studios, now comprised of Vue 7 Pioneer, Vue 7 Esprit, Vue 7 Pro Studio and Vue 7 Complete.
  • Vue for Professionals, comprised of Vue 7 xStream, Vue 7 Infinite and Ozone 4.
  Products for 3D Artists and Small Studios
  Vue 7 Pioneer Vue 7 Esprit Vue 7 Pro Studio Vue 7 Complete
Price $49.95 $199.00 $399.00 $599.00
Description Lets 3D-newcomers and casual artists easily create realistic 3D landscapes Serious creative power for 3D artists, with full 3D import capability Extended creative power for advanced 3D Artists Complete natural scenery solution for expert 3D artists and small studios

  Products for Professionals
  Vue 7 Infinite Vue 7 xStream
Price $895.00 $1,495.00
Description The standalone solution for natural 3D environments. For multimedia and entertainment professionals, architects and graphics designers The integrated solution for natural 3D environments. For production houses and digital content creators working with other 3D packages

Product availability, detailed pricing and upgrade options (including special offers), as well as a complete comparative chart will be announced soon.