Friday, November 07, 2008


Dave Burdick has launched the latest version of SkinVue - SkinVue7. I've included my first two, quick renders using SkinVue7- one each of Daz's Michael 4 and Victoria 4 - both rendered in final mode after using SkinVue7's enhanced mode without any other modification. Both renders took around 2 minutes.


  • 64-bit support
  • New wet/dry skin specular model
  • Added skin tone and tint adjustments
  • Added "splotching" skin adjustment
  • Enhanced Eye shader
  • New HDRI Atmospheres
  • All atmospheres re-calibrated for new Vue 7 GI lighting model
  • New Meta-Node based material layers to add blood, bruises, chain meshing, robot and reptilian skin styles
  • Added material swapping support for M4 (DAZ Character Plugin)
  • Support to swap SkinVue6 mats into SkinVue7