Tuesday, December 16, 2008

E-on Software Releases Free Vue 7 Pioneer Open Beta!

Vue 7 Esprit, Pro Studio And Complete Pre-Realeased

December 16, 2008. Beaverton, Oregon: e-on software, maker of Vue, the leading solution for natural 3D environments announced that the Open Beta of Vue 7 Pioneer is immediately available for download, free of charge.

Users of the Free Vue 7 Pioneer Open Beta will get a full license of Vue 7 Pioneer when it is released, at no additional cost.

Pre-release versions of Vue 7 Esprit, Vue 7 Pro Studio and Vue 7 Complete are also immediately available for purchase from e-on software.

Vue 7 Pioneer Open Beta

Vue 7 Pioneer is the entry level solution for 3D Artists and Small studios. Vue 7 Pioneer is the perfect introduction to the world of 3D. Vue 7 Pioneer will be published by Cornucopia3D, a division of e-on software, as a 32 bit and 64 bit application.

Newcomers to 3D and casual artists will find in Vue 7 Pioneer all the landscape-creation tools they need to easily create and render amazing images of their own 3D worlds. Access to the Open Beta if free to everyone, Vue user or not. A Cornucopia3D account is required to activate the product.

Vue 7 Pioneer can be extended with 12 optional modules that add specific functionality to the base product. Thanks to this modular approach, users can progressively upgrade all the way from Pioneer up to Complete. Esprit, Pro Studio and Complete represent pre-bundled, cost-effective alternatives to the modular approach of Pioneer.

All 12 modules for Vue 7 are available from the Cornucopia3D online store. Modules purchased for the Open Beta will work with the final release of Vue 7 Pioneer. A comprehensive product description of Vue 7 for Pioneer is available at: www.cornucopia3d.com/pioneer

Pricing and availability

Vue Products:

The Vue 7 Pioneer Open Beta, as well as Vue 7 Esprit, Pro Studio and Complete pre-releases are available in English for Windows XP/Vista as a 32 and 64 bit application, and on Mac OSX 10.4+ as Universal Binary.

Vue 7 Esprit retails at $199, Vue 7 Pro Studio at $399 and Vue 7 Complete at $599. The pre-release versions of these products are immediately available, as well as upgrades/sidegrades from Vue 6.

A comprehensive comparative chart is available at: www.e-onsoftware.com/products/chart.php

Users who bought Vue 6 Esprit or Vue 6 Pro Studio after November 15, 2008 are eligible for a Free Upgrade to the equivalent Vue 7 version (available until February 2, 2008) A comprehensive price list is available at: www.e-onsoftware.com/pricelist Vue 7 Modules:

Botanica for Vue 7 $39
DeepAccess for Vue 7 $39
LightTune for Vue 7 $39
Zephyr for Vue 7 $39
AdvancedGraph for Vue 7 $39
KronosFX for Vue 7 $39
RenderUp for Vue 7 $69
HyperVue for Vue 7 $69
EcoSystem for Vue 7 $99
EcoPainter for Vue 7 $99
3DImport for Vue 7 $129
Exporter for Vue 7 $149

Vue 6 users can upgrade their modules to the corresponding Vue 7 modules at a 50% discount.