Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Vue 7 Infinite 7.4 (Build 43993) Beta

A new beta update for Vue 7.4 (Build 43993) is now available. The following is a list of bug fixes and improvements included in this update:
  • Improved Dynamic ecosystem population and scaling.
  • Improved rendering speed of Dynamic Ecosystems in HyperVue.
  • Fixed a possible crash when populating a metablob.
  • Improved OpenGL cloud texture calculations.
  • Fixed corrupted preview of plant species.
  • Improved 3DConnexion support.
  • Improved align tool (backup support).
  • Improved Poser support(especally for dynamic hair and on Vista).
  • Fixed preview color reset to green when adding an existing material.
  • Improved tiles in animation.
  • Fixed wrong bump mapping onto UV-mapped mesh objects.
  • Improved use of resume render data when launching an external render.
  • Improved license server support for Hypervue.
  • Automatic output files renaming is enabled only for external rendering modes.
  • Fixed a possible crash on exit on MacOS.
  • Fixed a possible reset of picture & animation output paths when reloading scene files on Mac computers.
  • Fixed scale issues when using DEM file.
  • Collada objects are now scaled according to their internal unit and the internal unit of Vue.
  • Collada objects can now be automatically resized.
  • Fixed bad scaling of objects when using the Gizmos in the object properties.
  • Added Affinity/Repulsion setting in the form of a percentage.
  • Fixed a possible crash when hiding sun from render while rendering spectral clouds.
  • Fixed a possible issue with recomputation of pivot coordinates when replacing an object in a group.
  • Fixed reset material modifications when editing a sub-material from the basic material editor.