Sunday, August 30, 2009

3D World - October 2009 and Vue

The latest 3D World (Issue 121 October 2009) includes a two page review of Vue 7.5 xStream.  The positive review of Vue 7.5 xStream ends with a line I felt I had to quote "With a constantly growing set of unique and inspiring features, Vue 7.5 xStream is unequivocally the best natural scenery generation software you can buy".  They've changed how they score products doing away with the old scores of Range of Features, Value for Money and Overall which often didn't make sense especially when you compared the values given to different packages.  Now there are just two scores - one for upgrades and one for new purchases.  Vue gets 8 for upgrades and 9 for new purchase which isn't bad going.

Other than that I've not spotted any Vue specific content in this issue.