Saturday, October 24, 2009

LVS Online November Vue Courses

Introduction to Vue is a 6 week on-line class for Vue Infinite; Perfect for Esprit, Pro Studio, Complete, and PLE users too.

The Intermediate Vue class is a bit more detailed look into Vue. I cover an introduction to the function generator, how to make complex materials, spectral atmospheres, Depth of Field, and advanced ecosystem editing. This class is for users who are familiar with Vue.

The Advanced Vue class covers importing files into Vue, the function generator, HDRI, IBL, and radiosity lighting, animations, Multi-Pass renders and custom plant creation.

Registration for the November session is open.
The November session classrooms open October 26, 2009.
The November session registration will end on October 28, 2009
The first lesson for the November session will post on October 31, 2009

Returning students receive a 20% DISCOUNT!