Sunday, June 05, 2011

E-on Software Resellers Summer Road-Show Seminar Schedule

June 1, 2011. Beaverton, Oregon: e-on software the leader in 3D sky, light and nature technologies, along with its resellers, today announced the schedule of its upcoming Summer Road-Show Seminar presentations. Conducted on location by e-on’s top resellers, the Summer Road-Show Seminar events feature in-depth presentations and demonstrations of e-on’s flagship Vue Product Line as well as some of its newly introduced products such as LumenRT and Carbon Scatter.

Learn how e-on products and technologies can unleash your Digital Nature at any of the following seminars:

June 14: AIGA, Rennes - France. Contact information: Philippe Ruveron.

June 17: Weltenbauer, Wiesbaden - Germany. Contact information: Berthold Grünhagen.

June 24: Siacad, Singapore. Contact information: Ben Thum.

June 30: C.A.I. Systeme, Berlin - Germany. Contact information: Armin Issmayer.

July 1:, Utrecht - The Netherlands. Contact information: Stefan Twigt.

July 5: Bardins, Szczecin - Poland. Contact information: Piotr Burzynski.

July 6: Softwarediskont, Vienna - Austria. Contact information: Markus Fiala.

More dates and locations will be announced in the coming days.