Wednesday, February 01, 2012

E-on Software Ships LumenRT 2 Review for SketchUp

January 31, 2012. Beaverton, Oregon: e-on software the leader in 3D sky, light and nature technologies, today announced the immediate availability of LumenRT 2 Review, the second generation of the company’s revolutionary product for the interactive visualization of architectural projects with full physical lighting. The product, currently compatible with SketchUp, is being ported to other platforms. To support this major release, e-on software also publishes a free trial version of LumenRT 2 for Macintosh and Windows, immediately available for download from

E-on software invites all architects and designers to watch the LumenRT 2 Review presentation video, showcasing the true real-time power of LumenRT 2. This video, entirely rendered with LumenRT 2 is visible on the company’s YouTube channel at

Last but not least, e-on software is happy to announce that the upgrade to LumenRT 2 is available for free to all registered users of LumenRT 1. However, because this offer is limited in time, e-on software indicates that current users should upgrade without delay.

LumenRT 2 Review: A New Media for Architects Is Born!

With last year’s successful introduction of LumenRT, e-on software made a noticeable entry into the real-time market. This first version was immediately recognized as a significant advance by the architectural industry (including a nomination to 3D World CG Awards 2011 for Plugin of the Year), leading to many prominent ArchViz companies embracing LumenRT’s revolutionary approach. The ability to create accurately lit, immersive 3D visualizations of their projects and to share them with their clients was indeed considered a substantial asset.

LumenRT is the only solution that combines real-time rendering with a full, physical simulation of light, letting architects and their clients accurately experience the true volume and lighting of their designs.

Thanks to LumenRT 2 Review, architects no longer have to choose between high-quality images and real-time visualization. They can create high quality real-time visualizations of their models, explore them with any standard or 3D mouse and share them with their clients as self contained executables.

With a completely new, state-of-the-art real-time engine, LumenRT 2 hoards a plentiful number of new features and enhancements:

  • Complete physical simulation of light,
  • Physically accurate reflections,
  • Adjustable time of day,
  • Precise anti-aliasing and motion blur,
  • Soft shadows with varying softness,
  • Superb water and underwater effects,
  • Advanced material rendering,
  • Photo-realistic skies,
  • Low quality mode for optimized performance on slower boards,
  • And a lot more

The complete list of new features in LumenRT 2 Review for SketchUp is available at: 2.

Sample LiveCubes™, pictures and videos are available on the website, showcasing the amazing quality of the real-time visualizations produced by this software.

Visit for more information.

Pricing, Availability, Special Offers and Free Upgrades

LumenRT 2 Review for SketchUp works with both the free and the Pro versions of SketchUp.

LumenRT 2 Review for SketchUp is immediately available from e-on software’s online store and currently retails for $195 (introductory price – SRP: $295).

LumenRT is a 32 & 64 bits application, designed for the Windows® 32/64 bits XP, Vista and 7 as well as Intel Mac OS X platforms (v10.6+).

Users of the first generation of LumenRT Review for SketchUp are eligible for a free upgrade to LumenRT 2 until February 29, 2012. Ordering and download instructions are sent individually.

Visit for detailed system requirements and purchasing options.

LumenRT 2 Review Trial Version

The release of LumenRT 2 also marks the release of the first Trial Version of LumenRT, immediately available from

The trial version of LumenRT 2 Review for SketchUp is a fully functional version of LumenRT 2, valid for 15 days. Output from the trial version is watermarked and not valid for commercial use. The trial version enables all SketchUp users to check how their communication could benefit from e-on software’s cutting-edge technology! The trial version can easily be converted into a full commercial license by purchasing the product directly from within the plug-in or a LiveCube.

Those who don’t use SketchUp can still experience the visual quality of LumenRT LiveCubes right away by downloading a set of sample LumenRT 2 LiveCubes at and explore them live on their computer while they wait for support of their favorite application. The complete electronic documentation is also available for download from that page.