Saturday, August 11, 2012

E-on Software Upgrades Immersive Media for Architecture


August 09, 2012. Beaverton, Oregon: e-on software the leader in 3D Digital Nature technologies, today announced the immediate availability of LumenRT 3 Review.

LumenRT 3 Review represents a solid advancement in the 3 core aspects of the product:

  • Immersive Media
  • Digital Life and Nature
  • No CG Skills Required

E-on software also released an optional pack of high-quality, pre-optimized content including animated trees, animals, characters, vehicles, buildings, and backgrounds that extend the new Digital Life and Nature capabilities of LumenRT 3.

New presentation videos are available on the company's Youtube channel at

A free Trial Version of LumenRT 3 Review is available at

Current LumenRT 1 and LumenRT 2 users can upgrade to LumenRT 3 Review free of charge.

Immersive Media - Experience Designs In Real-Time 3D

Immersive Media is a next generation medium that extends traditional visualization and animation capabilities into the realm of "interactive experiences".

Instead of canned graphics and animations, the client becomes part of the action by navigating and interacting with models and scene elements.

With high fidelity features such as accurate natural lighting, real-time reflections, soft shadows and motion blur, designs are brought to life with vivid realism and breathtaking artistry.

Digital Life and Nature - Enrich Designs with Natural Elements

Digital Nature allows designs to be placed in a "natural context" surrounded by landscape elements (e.g. skies, terrains, vegetation, and water) and objects/characters (e.g. cars, humans, and animals). Fully animated with natural motions and behaviors, Digital Nature delivers a more inviting and engaging user experience while adding clarity and context for a design's "look and feel".

The new LumenRT 3 Content Pack ships with hundreds of pre-optimized content such as animated vegetation, natural motion characters and animals, high-fidelity objects, 100+ materials (wood, metal, water, reflective, refractive, luminous...), backgrounds and a lot more.

3D For Everyone – Collaboration Made Easy

Architectural rendering is no longer exclusive to CG specialists who master the black art of complex rendering systems.

LumenRT 3 allows Architects, Designers and Engineers to author their designs into lifelike immersive media (LiveCubes™), directly from their CAD systems through One-click processing. This media can be shared with anyone, without any special viewing software or CG graphics skills, for both Mac and Windows platforms.

What's new in LumenRT 3

  • Natural elements (trees blowing in the breeze, sitting-walking-talking characters, shiny cars, animals, etc)
  • Faster processing (high-quality indirect lighting is generated up to 10 times faster!)
  • Super-simple operation and navigation with added Fly-Thru mode and Real-time enhancements
  • One-click instant previewing
  • Rich material effects
  • Better real-time navigation on less capable platforms including laptops and entry-level video boards

Visit for more information and to download the free LumenRT 3 trial version.

Pricing, Availability, Special Offers and Free Upgrades

LumenRT 3 Review retails for $295 and the Content Pack for $195 if purchased separately. LumenRT 3 Review is also available bundled with the Content Pack for $395 (a $100 savings).

Educational licenses of LumenRT 3 Review + Content Pack are available for $39/year. Contact e-on software for site licenses.

LumenRT is a 32 & 64 bits application, designed for Windows 32/64 bits XP, Vista and 7 as well as Intel Mac OS X platforms (v10.6+). LumenRT 3 Review works with both SketchUp Free and SketchUp Pro (7 and 8). A version for Autodesk Revit and Autodesk 3ds Max is in development and is expected to be released in Q3 2012.

Users of LumenRT 1 & 2 Review are eligible for a free upgrade to LumenRT 3 Review until September 15, 2012. Ordering and download instructions are sent individually.

Visit for detailed system requirements and purchasing options.