Tuesday, February 26, 2013

E-on Software Announces The Plant Factory

e-on software, the leader in Digital Nature technologies and makers of Vue and LumenRT, today announced they will soon release a revolutionary new plant modeling and rendering technology, called The Plant Factory (TPF).

This new technology represents the culmination of e-on software's decades of expertise in the field of digital nature and delivers unsurpassed realism and performance.

As a next generation vegetation platform, The Plant Factory incorporates four foundational elements:

  • Multi-Platform/Multi-Discipline – operates across all CG platforms including real-time, streaming, and offline rendering systems and caters to the needs of CG, SFX, Landscaping, GeoDesign, Architecture and Gaming communities
  • Botanical Coherency – allows the creation of more botanically accurate plant appearances and behaviors
  • Precise Control – users can create plants of any desired shape, appearance, and behavior using simple building blocks
  • Massive Populations – building on e-on’s leadership in EcoSystems™ to create landscapes containing millions of plants

"After years of research and consultation with our valued customers, we are very excited to bring this amazing plant technology to the market", said Nicholas Phelps, President of e-on software. "We believe The Plant Factory offers a comprehensive solution for creating vegetation populations of any size and complexity that will run efficiently on any platform, including real-time and offline rendering systems."

Stay Tuned!

While e-on software finalizes the preparation of the first commercial applications of this technology, they will publish details on the upcoming products regularly at www.plantfactory-tech.com.