Sunday, June 01, 2014

Cornucopia3D Opens the Exchange Area


May 22, 2014. Beaverton, Oregon: Cornucopia3D, a division of e-on software and the leading VUE and Plant Factory community on the web, today announced the immediate opening of the new Exchange Area.

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A Place for Everyone!

Following the initial release of Plant Factory, artists have been clamoring for an easy way to share their plant creations with others. The Exchange Area was created just for that: to help artists collectively improve by exchanging tips and ideas and sharing content freely.

The Exchange Area allows Plant Factory users to quickly upload Plant Factory content (in native .TPF format) and share it for free with other users of the software (users who prefer to sell their content instead of sharing it for free can do so by opening a vendor account with Cornucopia3D). Sharing content on the Exchange Area does not require a vendor account.

Once an item is uploaded, it immediately becomes available to the entire community in the Exchange Area. Other users can start downloading it right away for free.

Check out the Exchange Area at:

* Native support for Plant Factory content will be added to Carbon Scatter and LumenRT later on in 2014.