Saturday, July 12, 2014

Ozone 2014 Now Shipping!


June 30, 2014. Beaverton, Oregon: e-on software, maker of the leading solutions for Digital Nature, announced today the immediate availability of Ozone 2014, its atmospheric plugin for 3ds Max, Maya, Softimage, Cinema4D, and LightWave.

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Ozone 2014 – Hyper-Realistic 3D Atmospheres

Ozone 2014 implements e-on software's cutting-edge technologies for the simulation and rendering of atmospheric effects. Ozone 2014 atmospheres provide an accurately simulated environment that affects all scene elements and behaves according to nature's rules.
Based entirely on real-world atmospheric behavior, Ozone 2014 produces ultra-realistic environments with volumetric clouds, accurate light dispersion and natural phenomena such as Godrays. Ozone realistically models the behavior of our planet's atmosphere to produce all kinds of atmospheric effects.

New In Ozone 2014
Physically Accurate Sunlight Model
The new photometric sunlight model uses a real-world, physical simulation of sun and atmospheric lighting intensities. This new, scientifically accurate model offers an alternative to the more artistic approach of the existing Spectral model.
As a result, renders will look more photo-real in a subtle way, and HDR renders will preserve all the range of the natural spectrum.
Users can easily switch between the new photometric model and the standard spectral model; Ozone 2014 will make all the required changes automatically.
The Ozone 2014 render engine will automatically adapt to the host application's photometric model to provide seamlessly integrated lighting.

Deeper Interoperability
Ozone 2014 now supports Autodesk Media & Entertainment products up to release 2015 (3ds Max 2015, Maya 2015 and Softimage 2015), and also adds support for V-Ray 3 for 3ds Max (support V-Ray 3 for Maya is under development).
Ozone 2014 also now also supports Maxon Cinema 4D up to R15 and Newtek LightWave up to version 11.6.

A complete and detailed presentation of Ozone 2014 is available at:

Pricing and Availability
Ozone 2014 is available in English for 64 bit versions of Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8, and on Mac OSX 10.6+ (Mac Intel only).
A single license of Ozone 2014 will work with all compatible applications and renderers installed on the end user's system.
  • Ozone 2014 for Maya (2010 to 2015) works with MentalRay, Maya software and V-Ray renderers.
  • Ozone 2014 for 3ds Max (2009 to 2015) works with MentalRay and V-Ray renderers.
  • Ozone 2014 for Softimage (2010 to 2015) works with MentalRay.
  • Ozone 2014 for LightWave (9.3 to 11.6) and Cinema4D (R11.5 to R15) works with the native renderer.
Ozone 2014 retails at US$370 (with one year maintenance), with upgrades from Ozone 6 starting at $95. RenderNode network rendering licenses are available at $95 per node. Full pricing information is available at:

The Ozone Personal Learning Edition (PLE) will be updated to release 2014 in the coming weeks.